Sunday, April 29, 2012

Pics from the picnic ...

Ominous curtains of grey cloud scudded across an oppressively low sky.
Thunder growled in the distance.
Penetrating drizzle drifted sideways in a chilling north-easterly breeze.

... and this was supposed to be spring?!!!

Fortunately we had decided to hold our seasonal-celebratory ‘picnic’ indoors.
The Guide Hall was quite cosy once we’d fired up the central heating and adjusted the thermostats on the radiators to MAX.

Right on time, Helen, of Baps ‘n Buns, (outside caterers from Barnham,) arrived with generous platters of sandwiches and appetising savoury nibbles.
That was all rather good. click here: recommended

Participants supplemented this gastronomic fare by bringing cakes, tarts and other sweet things.
After a while there were mutterings: “When is somebody going to start?”

This man of strangely bilious complexion, wearing a very silly hat, took the initiative and invited Berry and Paul, (who hadn’t finished his first sandwich,) to start some music.

Then we cruised with musical contributions from anyone who was encouraged to perform.

Great to see Ray

Meanwhile, Angela occupied some floor-space surrounded by bits of organic matter: flowers, willow, greenery and the like. She even ran a workshop on how to create flower garlands. That commanded Lynda’s full attention, and the results were truly remarkable.

Is that clockwise or anticlockwise?

After a short break for second-helpings of food we embarked again on music.
Lucy led us in a community sing with a song in some odd dialect of Swahili – in no less than a four-part round. The harmonies were glorious when we got the timing right!

Then came the big moment: the May Queen Competition

Aspirant May Queens

As senior club member, Ray was invited to adjudicate.
He selected Jane ...

After that we had to consider the Jack-in-the-Green contest.
Clearly, the only winner, (by virtue of his surname and his valued regular support and contributions to the club,) could be Berry ...

This was a most enjoyable afternoon, and I trust that those gods of stormy weather have been appeased by our efforts.

Thank you to everybody who turned up and contributed in whatever way, (even if you had to pay to park on a Saturday afternoon.)

Now, for my next EBay auction: a green foliated top-hat …

(A partially used pot of green face-paint will be included f.o.c.)

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