Sunday, May 20, 2012

Being Friday the 18th of May, 2012 ...

So, what did happen in Dogsbody's absence?
 ... apart from this:

Lynda and Angela took charge of infrastructure and logistics, while Mike was cajoled into being MC at short notice.
Thank you to them, and to everyone else who undoubtedly contributed to the evening's proceedings.

Angela diligently documented the following musical doings:

Down Where the Drunkards Roll: Mike
I'll Fly Away: Angela
All Over the World: Lynda
Off to California: Roland
Now that the Buffalo's Gone: Les
Wild Mountain Thyme: Eddie
Medieval Feast: Lorna
The Bells of Rhymney: Tony
12-String Tune: Mick
Pilgrim Song: Jane
All of Me: Berry
If had a Hammer: Mike
Why There's a Tear in my Eye: Angela
Leaving London: Lynda
Universal Soldier: Les
Will the Circle be Unbroken: Eddie
Planxty Hewlett: Lorna
Itzikel: Mick & Mike
Where Have all the Flowers Gone: Jane
I Just Want to Dance with You: Berry
I'll be Your Baby Tonight: Mike
Liza up in a Simmon Tree: Angela & Roland
Farewell, Farewell: Lynda
Blow the Man Down: Roland
People are Crazy: Les
Galway Shawl: Eddie
Waltzing Matilda/Lord of the Dance/Click go the Shears/Captain Pugwash: Lorna
Kerfunken Jig: Mick & Mike
His Eye is on the Sparrow: Paul (in sartorial elegance!)
Compline Hymn: Jane
Heart of Hearts: Berry

So, what's a 'Simmon Tree'?

The American Persimmon (diospyros virginiana) bears fruit that is quite edible to humans, provided you don't eat them prematurely. The astringent tannins in an unripe Persimmon will turn your mouth inside-out for a small eternity.
You have been warned!

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