Thursday, May 17, 2012

How far North? ...

Mike P’s back from the Shetland Music Festival.

Mike reports as follows:
Great music at the Festival inc. some (far too) late night bodhran banging by yours truly; wonderful coastal scenery (if you like that kind of thing!); seabirds; and good food. All interspersed with sunshine, wind, snow and hail to keep me on my toes, tho' probably better than the S coast!!

Here's a sample are some of Mike's photographic record:

Ferry for Unst

Tombolo beach

Tammie Nouries

Muckle Flugga - top o' Britain

Now, here’s an interesting snippet of folklore:
Muckle Flugga and nearby Out Stack, (the most northerly of the islands of Britain,) were formed when two giants, Herma and Saxa, fell in love with the same mermaid. They fought over her by throwing large rocks at each other, one of which became Muckle Flugga. To get rid of them, the mermaid offered to marry whichever one would follow her to the North Pole. They both followed her and drowned, as neither could swim.

No, Mike didn't take this pic!

... and the lesson is: never trust a woman with a tail!

... and here's a tune from Shetland:

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