Saturday, May 5, 2012

Being Friday the fourth of May, 2012 ...

Who has heard of Frank Crumit?

Frank Crumit, 1889-1943.

Steve treated us to two of Mr Crumit’s compositions followed by an impromptu rendition of Abdul Abulbul Amir, that I only knew as a rugby song.

Barry, sporting some new facial hirsutes, made one of his occasional visits to the club and sang a song that alluded to a leaky nose.

That’s not all … Greg, accompanied by a charming newcomer, Kelly, sang his self-penned composition that included the verb ‘osculate’.

You have to admire such poetic erudition!

Otherwise there were several songs about walking out in May that led to folkie-metaphorical ‘sport and play’, two deaths and only one song that mentioned a train.

Believe me, it was all good clean fun …

Grenadier and the Lady: Colin
Girl from the North Country: Paul
Towersey Fair: Laura
Piper to the End: Lynda
Spotted Cow: Roland
Beard Song: Angela
Sloop John B: Les
Lover's Heart: Elayne
Blowing in the Wind: Margaret
Repeat after me: Greg & Kelly
Tower Bridge Song/Two Brothers: Tony
Angelina Baker: Barry
I'll Find Out on my Own: Melanie
Man Who Sells Insurance: Steve
I'd Sooner Go Hedging: Mave
Feet Don't Touch the Ground: Kelly & Greg
The Night I Appeared as [the Scottish play]: Ken
May Song: Colin, Ken & company
I Don't Wanna Be: Paul (citation needed)
Black Jack Davey: Laura
Butter and Cheese and All: Roland
The Parting: Lynda
No Telephone in Heaven: Angela & Paul
May it Be: Elayne
Bill Cheatham: Les
Long Live Love: Margaret
Lovely Big Lips: Greg & Kelly
Education: Tony
Cindy: Barry
Everybody's Talking: Melanie
Song of the Prune: Steve
I've Never Seen a Straight Banana: Mave
Indian Tea: Ken
On the Rock Where Moses Stood: Angela, Paul & company

Be warned:
Do not google-search that word 'osculate'!
Apart from some very unsavoury images it provides this mathematical equation about an osculating circle ...

So, that's how it's done!

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