Saturday, June 23, 2012

Being the 22nd Day of June, 2012 ...

Now, what can I write about the doings of this evening?
  • We were there; some people weren’t.
  • Everyone was breathing; (Oxygen is good for you!)
  • Brenda stuck her tongue out at Berry, our MC.
  • We discussed deodorants at some length.
  • It was claimed that Napoleon suffered with piles ...

Doesn't he look miserable?

It all became considerably better when we got down to the real business of making and sharing music ...

I Love You 'cos You're You: Berry & Ken
If I were a Carpenter: Paul
Waterloo Sunset: Laura
Crazy Man Michael: Colin
Lord Franklin: Roland
Sweet Fern: Angela & Paul*
One Misty Moisty Morning: Elayne
Abide With Me: Roger
Civilisation: Tony
Eighteenth Day of June: Nigel, Roland, Angela & Colin
Bright Fine Gold: Mave
Lonesome Town: Ken & Berry
Take These Chains From my Heart: Berry & Paul
Michael in the Garden: Paul
Over the Hills and Far Away: Laura
Old Shanty Town: Tony
Drinking Old England Dry: Colin & company
The Flying Cloud: Roland
Who Will Sing Me Lullabies: Angela
Roll Alabama Roll: Nigel
Colours of the Wind: Elayne
Dungeons Deep: Roger
You are my Honeysuckle: Mave
Big Jack Cosgrove (?): Ken
From a Jack to a King: Berry & company

*There was only one song that explicitly referred to a bird ... Sweet Fern.
Angela speculated that this might be an American bluebird:

Nothing about trains, but here's Terry meeting Julie at sunset near Waterloo Station:

... I am in Paradise!


London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

What a fantastic evening! Wonderful MC

Colin said...

It was, indeed, a splendid evening.
Now, who was the MC?
I can't remember now!
Well done whoever it was, and many thanks to the company.