Saturday, June 30, 2012

Being Friday the 29th of July, 2012 ...

We observed that some of those jubilee balloons are sadly deflating.

These should be returned for a refund!

Paul gently guided us through an evening that encompassed the entire spectrum of human experience. The evening proved to be a ‘roller-coaster’ of musical variety and feeling such that Dogsbody lost emotional continence. Even Berry was scrounging tissues.

Anything That's Part of You: Paul
When I'm Gone: Angela & Paul
Blackberry Fold: Roland
Born to Fly: Elayne
Most of us are Sad: Lynda
If I Could Only Make You Care: Berry
Bold Fisherman: Jane
Streets of Laredo: Margaret
Here, There and Everywhere: Tony
We Shall Overcome: Les
Love Changes Everything: David
Field Behind the Plough: Nigel
Braes of Yarrow: Colin
Sisters of Mercy: Paul
There'll be no Sorrow There: Angela
Oh Good Ale: Roland & Colin
Song: Tony
Annie's Song: Elayne
I'm a Freeborn Man: Lynda
As Long as You Pretend: Berry
Song to the Siren: Jane
Try to Remember: Margaret
Family of Man: Les
Perhaps Love: David
Now Westlin' Winds: Nigel
Love Farewell: Colin
Mary Skeffington/Lead Kindly Light: Paul
Little Yellow Roses: Angela
Among the Leaves so Green-oh: Elayne & company
Morningtown Ride: Lynda
I Just Wanna' Dance with You: Berry
Row On: Colin & company

No trains, no birds, but here are some little yellow roses for Angela:

Remember, remember ...

Now, it's time for someone to own up ...
Who was it that put that 2-Euro coin in the contributions pot?
Is it worth anything these days?

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La Jolie Guirlande said...

Oh Dogsbody, how sweet, you shouldn't have. These are rather grander than the wild ones mentionned in the song. I do think it's rather confusing though as the wild ones I know are either baby pink or creamy.