Saturday, June 16, 2012

Being Friday the 15th of June, 2012 ...

Oh, what joy!
The room was just right: not too hot, not too cold.
This was another evening of superb musical quality.

If we’d had a clapometer, Roger would have won, only very closely followed by a collaboration in French from Suzanne, Elayne and Angela.

Bob visited from Kent and assured me he had a passport, and that he had cleared immigration. He was really good with some self-penned topical songs. Unfortunately he has a return ticket to Tunbridge Wells.

There were a few deaths, one of which conjured up a disturbing notion of infanticide.
There was also a slight nod towards bestiality, but these were only songs.
In the following song list, for the sake of good taste, I will translate the title of Elayne’s delightful G&S song into Latin generic terminology.

Leaving of Liverpool: Colin & company
Jimmy Brown the Newsboy: Paul
Once I had a Sweetheart: Lynda
Farewell Dearest Nancy: Roland
Scarecrow: Angela
Deep Water Rovers: Eddie
The Space Girl's Song: Suzanne
Martha's Harbour: Molly
I'm a Dreamer: Mike
Emily: Elayne
Long Gone: Les
Romeo and Juliet: Roger
Great Navy Days: Bob
Last Train from Bacup: Mave
Masochism Tango: Ken
Winchman and the Herbalist: Bob
Au Jardin de la Reine: Suzanne, Elayne & Angela
Rolling Down to Old Maui: Colin & company
Every Time we say Goodbye: Paul & Roger
The Parting: Lynda
Young Roger Esquire: Roland
Thousands or More: Eddie & company
Mad Mad World: Angela & Paul
English Country Garden: Molly
Lover's Cross: Mike
parus salix: Elayne
Going Back to Blue Ridge Mountain: Les
Slow Rider: Roger
My Mother Said: Mave
Romney Tower: Bob
Galaxy Song: Ken
Talking in Your Sleep: Suzanne
Parting Song: Colin & company

Now here's something for train-spotters:

... and that was only one old penny a mile to get to school!

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