Saturday, June 16, 2012

Being Friday the 1st of June, 2012 ...

We arrived to discover the Guide Hall patriotically decorated in honour of Her Majesty's jubilee celebrations ...

In Dogsbody's absence, the documented 'doings', according to Paul, were as follows:

Wild in the Country: Paul
Kiss me Mother: Angela
Hello: Lynda
Summertime: Elayne
Songbird: Suzanne
Main Theme to 'Morrowind': Owen
Her Majesty/Leaves that are Green: Mike
No Regrets: Roger
Johnny my Man: Nigel
Skye Boat Song: Margaret
Journey of the Sorcerer: Mick
Girl: Paul
I'm Going Down this Road Feeling Bad: Angela
He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother: Lynda
I Dreamed a Dream: Elayne
Lovely Day: Suzanne
Lost Woods: Owen
No Telling: Mike
The Leaves of Life: Roger
Tickle Dew (or should that be 'tickled you'?): Mick
Getting Over You: Nigel
Queen of Hearts: Margaret
Blue Moon: Paul
Chewin' Gum: Angela
Raglan Road: Lynda
Paddy McGinty's Goat: Elayne
Wild Mountain Thyme: Suzanne, Elayne & Angela
Wall of Death: Mike
Lost Love Blues: Roger
Angie: Mick
Down River Road: Margaret
Success to the Farmer: Nigel

So, lots of you had three goes, and I missed you all!

Now, what's this 'Morrowind'?
Is it an overnight alimentary complaint?


qwrty said...

'Morrowind' may well be the cause of such gastric concerns for those of vintage constitution, but for the younger generation, it is merely a way of life!


Colin said...

Thank you, Owen.
I am now enlightened by Google and have found that theme music on Youtube. It's rather good. I declined to purchase 'Elder Scrolls III'!
I cut my teeth on Dickens, Hardy, Kipling, Lawrence and,later, Tolkein.
That was all good, character-forming literature.
(Oh, I nearly forgot Ms. Blyton.)
Now, how have you correctlty discerned that I am 'of vintage constitution'?
Never mind; I am sorry I missed your music.
I hope you'll join us again.

La Jolie Guirlande said...

Ah Dogsbody....I think Owen may have received some insider information. Perhaps from a blue bird.


Colin said...

Now,LJG, precisely who is this inside-informant?
Who gave away my closely-guarded secret of advancing years and failing intellect?
His/her life might be at risk.
"A little (blue)bird told me," won't do!
Have I given away some personal information?
Should I logon to playstation# and purchase 'Morrowind'?
Do I have adequate nerves of steel, or the keyboard dexterity to play the game?
Can I afford it?
Will the club pay?
Would that enhance my sad life?

Is it time for my charcoal biscuits, Nurse?