Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Being Friday the 20th of July, 2012....

The room was set up in trepidation; would the tealights, not to mention all other essentials,  be in the correct configuration without the guiding influence of Dogsbody? The MC sets up tables and chairs wondering if this will be a futile exercise, given the oral intelligence that so many of our number are otherwise occupied this week.  She considers which are her longest songs and prepares to ask the potential few to exercise their lungs to an unusual degree with the many turns that may be required.  In the event the worries were needless as the room was far from empty at the habitual kick off point.

The evening seemed to generate an unplanned theme of travel.  In the words of the first song: 'We are going. Heaven knows where we are going, but we know within.  We will get there.  Heaven knows how we will get there; but we know we will'.  The most interesting mode of transport came courtesy of David H.  who took us on a splendid tram ride, accompanying his singing with a variety of most interesting bells.  Talk of spooning, mentionned in his song caused both excitement and merriment, particularly when a knowledgeable soul informed the gathered throng that thick cream at M&S is said to be 'ideal for spooning'. 

MC's thanks to Mave for having the brilliant idea of bringing Ray along.  Particular thanks to Ray too for agreeing to end our musical journey and send us off with a rousing rendition of Rolling Home.  For further detail on stops on our route, see below:

We Are Going:  Angela & Elayne
 I Am A Loser: Paul
The Seasons Round:  Roland & Angela
The Passing of a Queen:  Ken
Riding on Top of the Car:  David H
Stately as a Galleon:  Mave
All Gone Away:  Ray
Into the West:  Elayne
In My Liverpool Home:  Mike
Norwegian Wood:  Mick, Paul & Roger
For Ginny:  Roger
Gaudeamus:  Molly
School Days Over:  Nigel
Foggy Dew:  David
As Tears Go By:  Margaret
Two Sisters:  Angela
Blackbird:  Paul & Mick
Gentlemen of England:  Roland
The Galaxy Song:  Ken
Maire My Girl:  David H.
All the Little Chickens in the Garden:  Mave
All the Good Things:  Ray
Kathy's Song:  Elayne
Miss Ohio:  Mike
Cincinnati Flow Rag:  Mick
I'm Not Afraid to Die:  Roger
How Will You Go?  Molly
The Parting Glass:  Nigel
You Were Always on My Mind:  David
Goodbye:  Margaret
Rolling Home:  Ray

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Colin said...

I missed you all desperately, and thank you, Angela, for taking all this on.