Saturday, September 15, 2012

Being Friday the 14th Day of September, 2012 ...

There exists a gathering, somewhere in the debatable land of the Atrebates where friends ritually meet, on a weekly basis, around a hallowed arrangement of tables to discuss the weightier topics of life as portrayed in music of the ages.
Proceedings involve no immodest disrobing, no human sacrifice, neither licentiousness nor fornication
… and a virgin is hard to find.

The ritual has no function beyond harmless self-indulgence.
Meetings are characterised by lively debate about such important matters as the meaning of life, the validity of death-bed repentance, the significance of the Higgs-Bosun particle, and this very pertinent question ...
"Should there be a cost for innocent pleasure in the company of consenting adults?"
Hail, Cogidubnus Rex!
 ...Oh, do put some clothes on,
Your Majesty!

However ...
There are those greedy authoritarians who occupy seats in great mansions in the Metropolis of Iniquity, many leagues to the North, who seek to impose taxes and raise revenue by selling licences for the activities of such congregations.

For that reason the gathering has found it necessary to adopt a level of obscurity in documenting what actually happens.
Here are some pictorial clues:

All along the green turf ...
"And tell my mother ..." 

Should I be doing this at my age?

Now bring in those mince pies!

Homeward bound ...

Of course, all that has nothing whatsoever to do with The City Folk Club.

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