Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Being Friday the 7th of September, 2012 ...

A small turn-out this evening, but we engaged our usual musical enthusiasm.
Jake turned up with a couple of sort-of-ukuleles.
One that he made himself was rather handsome, based on a recycled violin body:


We were pleased to welcome Stuart and Jan all the way from Horsham. Stuart was rather good and entertained us with stories to introduce his self-penned material. He was the second person in the room to use a long word: parenthesis! 

In summary, the musical performances referred to the following:
  • Only one confirmed death.
  • A few bits of love.
  • Two marriages, one of which was reluctant.
  • An inadvertent conception by the daughter of an old rustic shepherd.
  • A terribly strange relationship with a parrot in the garret.
  • Sixteen sexual encounters in a South-Wales port.
  • Two Buddhist monks and a fair damsel.
Well, all that demonstrates the essence and diversity of folk music, doesn’t it?
Having had such fun, rather wearily, we all went home and implored our mothers: “Lay my head upon your breast.”
“Don’t talk dirty!” replied mother.


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