Saturday, November 24, 2012

Friday 23rd Nov 2012

Good morn .... afternoon Blogmaster & all secret people.
I wondered if you could pass on my thanks to all those that attended the club last night and helped to make it an evening for the MC to enjoy. Wasn't it a relief to see PD performing and seemingly none the worse for his "turn of events?" I have told him not to repeat the nature of things again as it just isn't nice to frighten all the horses in this way! Hail to those who were able to react so well and save him.
Regards & L2J (To whom we owe money!) You must tell me how much as I never carry cash myself and if my aides aren't present....... well ..... I cannot pay up.
I remain as before several people variously Special Bitter / London Apprentice / Musically Bent. 
P.S. You will see that I have sent in a comment about the guides function. 
P.P.S. Be alerted to the imminent return of Parkingspaceman and take cover.

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La Jolie Guirlande said...

Great evening...good job Mr MC, particularly on orchestrating such a cunning end to the evening! Will have to remember that idea.

Agree that it was a relief to see Paul back on good form. I don't know about frightening horses....he certainly frightened a few friends. I suppose we should count ourselves lucky that he didn't decide to really go for it and make loud noises to frighten Kate Rusby while she was in full considerate to have waited for the interval!