Saturday, November 24, 2012

Being Friday the 23rd of November, 2012 ...

Now we have festive decorations at the guide hall
                                                                ... including glitter-balls!

Moseley was always nervous about those balloons.

Thirteen people turned up.
Cleverly facilitated by Berry, we shared and heard some truly remarkable music.
We were delighted to have Paul in our company, now restored to a semblance of health. Paul introduced us to this new verb ...
to rumbust.
At least 14 CiN requests were fulfilled, although Berry's request for "A 1950's show-song" had one performer in a temporary quandary.
Elayne couldn't say, "No!"
Now, what other clues can I divulge?
Here's one as a starter ... 

I fail to see the relevance.
I hope that what follows will be more obvious ...  

One of two Romany females.
Mythical beasts.

A Shakesepearean story of passion.
"Anyone for fruits de mer?"
This custom of handkerchief waving
must be banned on the grounds of
health and safety.

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