Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We have an invitation ...

There are plans afoot to extend the Guide Hall and improve the lavatorial facilities.

We are all invited to a Christmas Fair ...

For those who want to take advantage of the free tea or coffee, I will bring 'hard copy' of the voucher along on Friday.

Let's support this.
We need the Guide Hall.
The Guides need us!


sebba63 said...

good to hear and rightly so, people get so much use out of the hall that is certainly time to extend it and improve certain areas!

Susan Chichester

London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

I have just got back from my visit to this function. Although the rain is severe it was buzzing, one might almost say heaving. I came away loaded with lovely sweets & cakes and several chances in the raffle for a prize. Good luck to the guides and their supporters in their quest to install an extra meeting room and a toilet for the boys! I am having just a little difficulty with the last bit but I suppose girls will be Guides and boys will be Scouts!

Colin said...

I went along in the afternoon and discovered a multiplicity of people sheltering from the torrential rain.
I took the opportunity to view the plans and speak to some senior representatives of the local Guiding movement.
I like the plans and I am reassured that the refurbishment work, (scheduled for August, 2013,) should not unduly sabotage our activities.
Mrs. W. said, "Thank you," to everyone who attended, and I believe that we have further strengthened our association with the Guides.
I said, "Thank you," too.
As I wrote: we need the Guide Hall ... and The Guides need us!