Saturday, January 26, 2013

Being Friday the 25th of January, 2013 ...

A quiet evening ...
We blamed the continuing inclement weather and seasonal illnesses.

Even though we didn’t quite manage to pay the rent, we got on with our usual music of supreme quality.

The company.

The death count was minimal: only one in questionable circumstances to the benefit of an employee by the name of Jimmy, and one crucifixion followed by miraculous resurrection.

There were two trains, one green man, a kingfisher and a scarecrow with no brain.

How long before we arrive in Glory?
Did you know that flies with blue tails
have 3D-panoramic vision?
'A flashing dart of turquoise... '
Has anyone seen my keys?
Well, errr ... dunno!
Sir Dick, 1066.

Berry gave an erudite and authoritative dissertation on this piece of music ...

Later, Berry passed on the following enlightening explanation ...

The last song I sang - rather under-rehearsed - was called "The Anniversary Song". It was "stolen" by Al Jolson & his director Saul Chaplin for the 1946 film of his life in which Larry Parks took the leading role. They added the words. I have always thought of it as very Jewish, as indeed it may still be, because of the way it was played in the film, but in fact its composer was a certain Romanian-Serbian military band-leader called Ivanovici, a picture of whom is attached. He called the much longer piece "Waves Of The Danube" which is what I heard Brenda playing on her piano.

Mr. Ivanovici

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London Apprentice and Special Bitter said...

Oh yes Ivanovici Hobbs. The likeness is obvious but the musicality has slipped a little wouldn't you agree?