Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bellowhead - Best Album, 2013 ...

Bellowhead have been regularly exposed on BBC Radio 2 during recent weeks leading up to yesterday’s Folk Awards, 2013.
The band won an award for best album, 'Broadside'.

Their recording of ‘Roll the Woodpile Down’ is energetic and exciting; I like it ...

All the band members are competent musicians with creditable careers in their own individual rights.

I have to ask, however, would the late Stan Hugill recognise this heavily orchestrated performance as the shanty he noted being sung by West Indian seamen?

One interpretation is that the word ‘roll’ actually should be ‘row’, and the ‘woodpile’ is a derogatory term for the ship that, being becalmed, is being towed downriver by rowers in small boats.

Interesting, eh?

Now, let me be contentious ...
The so-called 'folk' music you hear presented on radio is commercial, popular music, performed and promoted by those who are in it for profit.
Our heritage is being hi-jacked by capitalism.
That is my humble opinion.
Discuss in less than 2000 words ...

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