Saturday, February 16, 2013

Being Friday the 15th of February, 2013 ...

By 20.35 hours we had successfully dragged 15 people off the streets. Dogsbody was anxious lest people might have misunderstood an earlier announcement that the club will not be meeting on 15th March.

Dogsbody explained the term ‘fenestration’ in the context of folk song: it is legal and quite painless.
"Shhh, Dear ... They'll hear us."

Ornithology was represented by one lark, a sparrow and an uncertain number of crows on the march that got frightened off by a bag of rags.
Corvus brachyrhynchos

"Lay me down and love me."
Elayne achieved ‘a first’ at the club when she sang in Japanese ...

Teo Torriatte

Several trains belonging to ex-LNWR territory were mentioned, as was one from the Crimean peninsula.

Above, an 0-6-0ST by E B Wilson & Co of Leeds, c.1865.
The "Alliance" and "Victory" which ran on the Grand Crimean Central Railway 1855-1856 were probably similar.

Did you know that Kilnamona in Co. Clare translates as Church of the marsh or boggy field?

Site of a popular barn dance.

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