Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Beresford Greene Speaks, Twenty-first fit ...


Berry sends the following dressage:-
Please forgive my absence tonight [Friday 15th] as I feel a little horse. I was speaking on the hoof when I first noticed it was a restriction too far that was reining me in. Brenda was addressing me in her usual clip-clop tone - the mare, but I have repeatedly said neigh to her offers of ox-tail soup because as we all know it's purity cannot any longer be relayed upon.

Galloping on Find us with a blinkered approach to most fences and when the going gets tough - well we quit despite any use of the now illegal whip. The News is heavy going what with Oscar in denial about murdering his filly - they say with one of his blades. He is whinnying on despite being obviously legless at the time.

Noreen Dorres claims a photo finish for her legitimate expenses citing the causes of any increase being due to contaminated cottage pies & increased cooking times for the new ingredients. She claims these expenses are entirely on course and within the rails & Tote in line with the three line whip needed for her to purchase sufficient oats - even in Australia.

The garage boss in Coronation St has denied accusations of doping his fillies with a view to increasing their stallion activities or race fixing. DPP suspicions of some horse-play are completely unfounded, he said.

With money on the nose it is still too soon to know if these stories have any legs or at least as many as four. The authorities feel that they have been caught on the hop or jump. Getting into a leather strop over any of these matters isn't going to help. It's far better to stay in harness.

Regards , get the bit between your teeth & sugar lumps to you all.


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