Monday, February 25, 2013

Being Friday the 22nd of February, 2013 ...

Not a lot to report from an evening which was attended by 10 individuals who braved the freezing weather.
Dogsbody was perturbed the following day when he learned that someone had described The City Folk Club as an organisation for 'beginners'.
How can anyone say that about performers like these?

From left to right you see Doo, Wah and Diddy...
playing a Blues in E.

A miscellany of enigmatic quotes:
  • "Did Elvis sew on his own sequins?"
  • "Blues I learned in down-town Chipping Camden."
  • "Coarse, heartless ... wasn't that bonny ..." (Here is described Dogsbody's sister-in-law!)
  • "Obadiah gets around, doesn't he?"
Ken summarised a laudable sentiment with this self-penned lyric:
True friendship is gold, where e'er it is found.

So, in spite of the weather, we all went home with warm feelings.

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