Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Being Friday the 22nd of March, 2013 ...

It was the week before Easter ...

Oi, mate, that's MY donkey!

Oh, look what we've resurrected.

We rejoice that a miracle has occurred: Berry has grown a new tooth since he last MC-d. (Image unavailable, and probably unsavoury!)

A distinct element of jazz crept into the proceedings.
Several times we heard this unnecessary apology: “Sorry, it’s not folk!”
Worry not … I ain’t heard no horse singing it! (attr. Louis Armstrong.)

However, there was a regrettable paucity of our customary rustic metaphor and euphemism.

Blowin' my blues away!

Name this female aviator who was lost, mysteriously, in 1937.


Another rule to live by.

... and YES, the club will be meeting on
Good Friday, 29th.

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