Monday, May 13, 2013

Being Friday the 10th of May, 2013 ...

Songs of ...
  • domestic violence,
  • divorce,
  • addiction to illegal substances,
  • at least six human deaths,
  • two lost limbs,
  • one small dog’s funeral and
  • an exploding goat …

what more light entertainment could you possibly desire on a Friday evening?


You could, of course, have stayed at home to listen to Friday Night is Music Night on BBC Radio 2.

10 of us didn’t, and enjoyed one of those cosy evenings of music and banter at the City Folk Club.
The new table-illumination was explained, discussed, admired and criticised … nobody got burnt.

We welcomed Elayne's friend, Rosie, who sang to what, in Dogsbody's humble opinion, is one of the finest folk melodies ever composed ...


No, we didn't have a brass band.

The obscure conundrum for the week was, “What did Sylvester say to Sweetie-Pie?” Paul replied in tongues, before yodelling something that had recently been described elsewhere as 'truly dreadful' with Angela.
It wasn't dreadful, at all.

Elayne managed to include the word 'effluvium' in a song.
Pearl of wisdom: “Symmetry is everything.” Mike said that … not sure why.
Look out, ladies, here comes Gomez!


In life I belonged to Mr. MacGinty.

"I am going a-walking by
yon clear crystal stream."

No, they are not ice-creams!

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