Thursday, May 9, 2013

May-time at Evershed ...

Some of us congregated at this establishment to await transport...

Others, arriving a little later, yet still on time, discovered two minibuses, (not the anticipated luxury coach,) waiting for us across the road in the market car park.

Our transport wasn't like this!

We embarked on the most delightful journey through the Sussex countryside in the evening sunshine.

Mrs. Dogsbody went to sleep!

We arrived in Billingshurst by 7.00pm, and we were warmly welcomed by Stuart, Jan and Jane to the Evershed Unitarian Chapel.


We consumed food, generously provided by Jane.
Only Max complained that there wasn’t a bar!

Then we had music.
Oh, wow! … did we have music?!

Here's Stuart ...

... and Mike...

Then we heard Bang on the Ear. They were rather good ...

[Further video footage awaits editing and permission.]
Then came Angela and Paul ...

Stuart's generous account with Anthony's still images can be found on the Evershed blog.
On the return journey our driver tuned the radio to Classic FM, and we all relaxed to Rodrigo's Concerto d'Orange Juice.
Jane went to sleep again!
Now, what follows is personal, but I know my thoughts are shared ...
Thank you, Stuart, Jan and Jane for the invitation, the warm welcome and Jane for FOOD!
The musical contributions were outstanding, and I felt privileged to be part of the event.
I was immensely proud of everybody who came along to represent The City Folk Club.

Loads of people said thank you to me.
Well, err … thank you for saying that, but I'm an 'umble being who doesn't easily receive gratitude
... all I did was organise the transport!

The evening was memorable because of the wonderful people who came along.
You were all truly remarkable.

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