Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Being Friday the 3rd of May, 2013 ...

Dogsbody was in the chair to facilitate.
Now, to ‘facilitate’: there’s an interesting verb.

Is it some sort of rustic metaphor?
Is it legal?
Does it mean …
  • ‘... to make things easy’, as it were from the French?
  • Or could it be, according to OED, ‘having a superficial and simplistic knowledge’?
  • Then there’s ‘… ignoring the true complexities of an issue; superficial …’
  • Other dictionaries come up with words/phrases like: ‘trivial,’ ‘unsubstantiated opinion,’ ‘commonplace,’ etc.

Ignoring such facile nonsense, 13 people came along to make sure that we had an enjoyable evening of music.
We couldn’t ignore that we’re in May-time …


Hail, hail ...

What a bonny moorhen.

Mick's tune of dubious origin ...
something to do with lead.
She walks these hills ...
On being the ploughman's joy.

Did anyone notice that we now have low-risk luminescence?
You don't have to blow them out
... and they're COOL!

These cost the club less than £1.00 each, inc. batteries and p&p from here.
With 80 hours battery-life, we should be OK for a few weeks.

Would anybody like to buy some redundant tea-lights?
Please make a reasonable offer to Dogsbody before I advertise them on EBay.

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