Monday, June 3, 2013

Being Friday the 31st of May, 2013 ...

Clearly, it was not that Dogsbody was MC this evening that encouraged so many enthusiastic musicians to turn out on this warm evening that might be a portent of summer.
We didn't need the central heating!

We were privileged to welcome Jo and Graham, all the way from Lancing ...

The Trotters are here!

They were particularly good.

Jan and John came for their first visit.
Rosie from Yapton came back, so we must be getting something right.
Ken and Mave have returned from yet another exotic holiday.

For once we managed to kick off with music before 8.30pm.

Dogsbody quickly realised that his instrumental skills, (if ever he possessed any!) are seriously compromised.

Awaiting surgery.
We opened with a navigational exercise …
Q. Assuming a force-3 Sou-westerly
breeze, how long will it take to arrive
in Portsmouth?
A. About 45 minutes on the 700 bus!

Berry asked, "How far is a league?"
There is no universally agreed answer, but one definition states that one league is the distance to the horizon, as viewed on a clear day, by a person of average height on board ship. This is estimated to be about 3 nautical miles, but it will be different for the vertically-challenged.

We warmed …

... but I'm warm, through and through.
Roger declared that Randy Crawford sounded like an oversexed biscuit!
… and so it went on …

Here: borrow my sable cape
that someone lost at The Astor.

Jan found her Demon Lover.

My needle and my thimble
to the winds I'll throw.

Jo & Graham sang about
a fast train

It didn't stop here ...
"...'tween waking and sleeping."

Adrian sang an hypnotic song about a river. He wrote that himself: rapturous applause!

Jan sang about celestial bodies ...

"Oh, you don't know it!" she observed.

Graham and Jo sent us home on the last train …


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