Monday, June 3, 2013

More about Evershed Arts Centre ...

Some of us journeyed to Billingshurst on Saturday to witness a live performance by BeHeld.
BeHeld comprises our erstwhile genial host, David, (ukuleles and vocals,) Roger, (guitar, mandolin, harmonica and vocals,) Mick, (a guitar called Elsie and fiddle,) and Jane, (vocals.)
They performed a supremely polished set of original material.
Well done, you guys!
Les Elvin was pretty good, too.
Now, see this ...
You can find the original by clicking here.

OK, this scanned document isn't terribly clear, but note the entry for 6th July:

Paul and Mick will be Evershed's special guests.
Stuart has written very affirmative things about them.

Shall we all go to offer our support?

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Evershed Arts Billingshurst said...

Thanks for the plug Colin. We really enjoyed ourselves again last Friday.

See you soon,
Stuart and Jan