Thursday, June 6, 2013

More about Buying Bricks ...

Dogsbody has created a misunderstanding.
Last week he was heard to say: “Because the Guides have so much money …”

Actually, the Guides do not have loads of cash.
What he thought he was saying, (and intended,) was: “Because the Guides are spending so much money …”

Let's be clear now …

The Guide Hall refurbishment is to be postponed until next year, primarily because their original timetable would coincide and interfere with some neighbouring work.

This delay will allow the Guides to attract more funds so they can do something more ambitious than was initially proposed.

We, of CFC, still want to support the Guides' enterprise, but there is now less urgency.

So, here’s the plan ...

We will put our brick-fund collecting pot 'on hold' for the time being.

Then, one evening, later in the year, we will hold a special event dedicated to buying bricks.

Representatives of the local Guide movement can be invited to say a few words ...
(and/or sing ‘Ging-Gang-Gooley’.)
Our usual subscription pot for that evening becomes a donation to the Guides’ Brick Fund.

Of course, you can still make personal, individual donations by following instructions adjoining this sign in the hall ...

Lynda still has some forms for you to gift-aid your donation.

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