Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Being Friday the 7th of June, 2013 ...

A good turn-out this evening.
Perhaps it was because Angela was in charge.

We were pleased to welcome Geoff, all the way from Australia via Lancing ...

The fine figure on the right is Geoff.

We learned that the mining disaster of 1947 in New York was a fabrication by conspiracy theorists.
Berry questioned the validity of everything we do.
Paul named Angela's ukulele 'Minnie'.
We proclaimed that the noun 'garden' rhymes with the verb 'parden'.
Paul whistled 'on the cusp of total disaster'.
Mike whacked a goat, and Mick scraped cat-gut.

Angela takes her chances with this beast.

Tony thinks someone
waits for him.

The ancient art of

Dogsbody got into trouble with the PC Police ...

'... the fox jumped in ...'

Be assured that only one dead man was discovered in that ditch where there was no water, and no foxes nor hounds, polar bears, goats nor cats were harmed in this production.

Angela finished off with a charming song about peace, so we all went home feeling very much better.

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