Friday, May 22, 2015

About a Gig ...Travelling North to Sing and Play ...

'Colin & Friends'
have been invited to perform at 
(The above link is clickable.)

You might remember that we've been there before.
(I understand that the leaky roof has been repaired.)

Saturday, 6th June, 8.00pm.
Evershed Unitarian Chapel, Billingshurst,
RH14 9QS.
(Park at the Library.)
Admission: only £3.00!

There is one CFC participant who opined that Colin might have difficulty finding any friends.
(Now, who is the only person in our gathering who uses this verb: to opine?)
Well, we have Angela, Paul, Roger, Mick and Lucy in the ensemble.
(No, I did not have to pay them!)
In recent weeks we have been rehearsing a couple of sets of five songs, working up to a grand collaborative crescendo.

There will be no real deaths, just two songs that herald glorious anticipation thereof.
No whales die, and there are no severed limbs.
Sex is restricted to just one song in anticipation of legitimate, intramarital pleasure of the flesh.
No inebriation ... just remember that we're in chapel!

You can sing along with some of them, but watch out for Roger's rogue closing phrasing with Adieu Sweet Lovely Nancy!

Please come along and support us.

Stuart might invite you to take a floor-spot.

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