Monday, May 18, 2015

Being Friday the 15th of May, 2015 ...

Mike P. occupied the chair uncomplainingly ...

"The Bullring is silent," sang he.

We enjoyed a most delightful rendition of a classical tune from Mick ... 

If you look very carefully, you might discern Mick 
... on the front row, left?
(Sorry, fireworks and naked flames have been banned!)

Phil paid tribute to B.B. King who has sadly been called to Blues Heaven ...

Roger joined in with enthusiasm.
The rest of us remained in silent admiration and wonder.
"How do they do that?!"
Very many thanks, Phil and Roger ... that was a triumph!

There followed some intelligent(?) discussion regarding ping-pong balls and super-glue.
We believe that was something to do with plectrums.
Roger makes his from Tesco Club Cards!

Mave sang about home economy, and she educated us that 'block-ornaments' are not home decorations.
They are residual scraps of meat/offal from the butcher's block at the end of a working day.
Such is the enlightenment that we acquire weekly at The City Folk Club.

Tony very cleverly squeezed three instrumental tunes into one spot - all with the same three-chord-progression.
Then he sang something in A-Level French ... something about being alongside a fair-haired lady. 

"Na-na-na-na-na-naah," sang Mike H.
Someone asked, "What language is that?"
It took us a while to pick up the chorus, but it sounded like a folk song!

Conor transported us to somewhere near New Orleans ...

Yes, to Dogsbody's delight, it did involve a train!

We closed with a collaboration about a young financier ...

"No, not that sort of banker,"
explained Angela!

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