Monday, January 23, 2017

Advance Notice regarding 27th January and onwards ...

We have been advised that there has been an unfortunate accident causing damage to the front wall and door of the Guide Hall ...

For the immediate future it will not be possible to use the front entrance.

Fear not ... there is a blue gate to the right of the hall ...

Go through this gate to gain passage to the side and rear of the nuilding. You may then enter the hall through the patio-doors or via the kitchen at the back, (preferable option if music is in progress!)

We are assured that the building is structurally safe, that the usual facilities will be available and that the central heating will work.

It is possible that the limited front parking area could be occupied by detritus and/or building materials while repairs are being undertaken.

We once again recommend parking at the Market Car Park, and walking into Whyke Lane through the gap in the Eastern wall, as suggested in the informative blog (scroll down to 'Where?' for a map.)

Worry not!

We will be meeting as usual on Friday 27th January.
Depending on developments, we anticipate meeting on every Friday during February.

Progress reports will follow.

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