Sunday, January 29, 2017

Being Friday the 27th day of January, 2017 ...

We are uncertain whether the 9 people who turned up did so to enjoy music in good company, or simply out of curiosity.

Here's what we found ...

Dogsbody was required to sign a disclaimer acknowledging that we occupied the hall at our own risk, and undertaking not to remove or venture beyond the barrier of chairs.

We despaired of the spelling ...

Were we discouraged?

Berry, as MC, lightened the mood.

Howard took us to this magnificent place of worship ...

Bob regretted his exile from the hills of Donegal ...

Bryan engaged metaphysical realms ...

Others were sceptical!

Having corporately bid Good Night to Irene, we went home, sound of wind and limb, but of questionable minds.

NOW, what about next week?

It would appear that some extensive rebuilding work is going to be required. We do not yet know when that is likely to commence, nor what it might mean for our continuing occupancy of the hall.

Therefore, I propose to review the situation on a weekly basis, as cancellation of the Club's activities could occur at short notice.

As far as I am aware, we should be able to occupy the hall again on Friday, 3rd February.
An email will be circulated on Thursday to confirm (or otherwise!)

Alternatively, phone Colin - 01243 574021 before you set off.