Friday, March 25, 2011

CFC's Nautical Adventure 2011

That canal trip I told you about (more-thoughts-about-summer) is confirmed.

M.V. Richmond will depart from the Canal Basin at 19.00 hours on Saturday 25th June for a midsummer cruise.

The vessel will return to the Canal Basin at 22.00 hours.

During the voyage, in between staring in wonder at the cornucopia of waterside wildlife, you will be invited to share music and songs.
You will also consume your own picnic-style food and self-supplied beverages.
There will be a quiz that will test your knowledge of maritime history, nautical terminology, geography and all things inconsequential.

Tickets will be available at the club as from Friday 1st April.
The price, subsidised by the club, will be £5.00 per head, with no discounts for seniority.
Credit/debit cards and cheques cannot be accepted.
CASH (in Pounds Sterling) is the only currency that will secure your berth.

Places are limited, so please let Colin know if you'd like to join the crew as soon as you can.
Tel: 01243 574021

Satnav users need postcode PO19 8DT.
Here's a map I produced:

There is a better map and advice about parking at


parkingspaceman said...

I have doubts about where J. M. W. Turner sat when he painted his picture. It seems as though the Bell Tower is on the left of the cathedral, which would put the artist to the west. Hunston claims the original viewpoint, yet the cathedral lies (as usual with ecclesiastical buildings) east-west, which does not correspond. Could someone enlighten me, please?

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

I think ...
I think ...
I think, very slowly indeed, as you can tell.
Is the viewer confusing the West Wing of the cathedral with the Bell Tower?
Is this to do with perspective, or could it be artistic licence?
I suggest we ask JMWT in the afterlife.
Here are some philosophical quiz questions:
1. Will PSM be there in the afterlife?
2. Do I want to be?
3. Do you?

parkingspaceman said...

Lumme! Ask for enlightenment, and you get a KLUTZ* with just more questions (not to mention a tangential launch into hyperspace asking even more questions, this time about a fictional place or existence). Stripe me pink! I think Outaspaceman's "cardboard reality interventions" make more sense than Dogsbody - and that's not an accusation I make lightly! Artistic Licence! I think Dogsbody shouldn't be allowed without a licence** (presumably a dog*** licence).

*this qualifies as personal abuse. Deal with it.
** this might, too
*** to save you the trouble: a 'dog's body' licence

Dogsbody, Scrivener and Wretch said...

DBS&W graciously admits that PSM wins, as always, in the 'personal abuse stakes'.
There will be no return match.

That earlier exchange is irrelevant.
The real question is:
Will PSM and his delightful wife and his offspring be joining us on the cruise?
It would be helpful to know, as some might base their decisions on PSM's response.
Hammocks for multiple occupancy in steerage are still available, but going rapidly.